Retro designs – are way cool. All the time.

retro green orange

Green and orange circles.  My take on a classic retro pattern!

I have always loved old retro design.  I have several vintage polyester and rayon disco shirts from the 70s with tacky wacked-out patterns in my closet that I know that no matter how many closet cleanings take place, they will never be victims of a purge.

You know how certain fashion and fads started this cycle of reemerging a couple decades ago?  Corduroys came back in the 90s after being stylish in the 70s, Polyester disco shirts made another trivial comeback at the turn of the century. Even platform shoes from the late sixties thru the seventies came back – and the anklebreaking fad still lingers.  Even plaid-wearing grunge-sters can be seen these days in all their Cobainesque hipsterness. Fashion is cyclical.  It seems that it took years for a cycle to come back around. Each cycle gets shorter and shorter.  These days one person can be wearing polyester bell-bottoms and hanging out with a dude in in short-sleves and a polka-dot bowtie tie and both are totally with it.  Whether its scarves, shoes, patterns, collars, houndstooth, hairstyles or jewelry,  at this point anything goes!

So I decided to play around with ideas based on late 50s and early 60s textile and wallpaper patterns that I would love to see on a wide collar polyester button up in my closet!

Of course I am applying these ideas to products for all to indulge in at my store.

Retro circles in red and orange. I have a couple variations and color schemes in this design.  Available on dozens of cases, bags and accessories.  Just search the store!

Houndstooth green laptop case
Houndstooth Laptop case! Clean and simple classic pattern with small block variation also available in pink (and white very soon!). Remember these patterns can be applied to tons of products!


Astrological designs/symbols available on zazzle!

After discovering and deciding to apply some of my designs (that have just been laying around) to products, here is my first batch.  I drew these zodiac signs up a few years ago, so I recently converted them to vector art, distressed (added some texture) the symbols and applied them to T-shirts and Cell phone cases.  I have added a number of other designs to my zazzle  store and will update here as often as possible!

Cancer Men's T-shirt

Cancer sign on men’s T-shirt


Libra astrological sign on women’s T-Shirt


Taurus iPhone case

Taurus iPhone case

Please take a look!  All colors on shirts can be customized as well as many many shirt styles. My store is in the middle of being developed and categorized so that I can quickly add items as soon as I finish creating new artwork.

Here’s a link to the products for all the Astrological signs!

New! Artwork and designs on!

I guess I am a bit slow.  I have hundreds of designs, artwork, symbols, cutesy animals, paintings and illustrations that are just laying around stashed in drawers and folders or lost on old hard drives.  Apparently the rest of the world is making money by applying artwork and designs to products that are sold on zazzle. Well I have smartened up and tried to catch up.

Initially I made some designs exclusively for zazzle – a cool set of astrological symbols that I applied to shirts and cell phone cases.  Did this just to see how the site works and to have  a few products in my store. 

I am hoping to add a few items each week.  Some old – some new.